Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The wonders of water play

Now that the warmer weather has finally arrived, it’s time to get the kids involved in some wonderful water play. Grab buckets, paint brushes, plastic bowls, cups and squirters and head outside for some splashy fun! Water play is a great activity to keep them cool in the sunny weather, it’s relatively mess free, (water dries after all) and it’s a good way to introduce some independent play too.

The foolproof guide to potty training

For some it’s a breeze, for others it takes a bit of time but Potty training is rarely plain sailing. Of course you’re going to expect a few accidents along the way but it really can be something that fills parents with dread. So, I would like to share my experience and top tips having run my own nurseries for over 30 years. (that’s a lot of Potty training!)